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The number of household appliances, powerful refrigerators, washing machines in the apartments of London citizens is constantly increasing. Old wiring does not always cope with the load, which can lead to sad consequences. The company "MABELI" is always on guard of your safety and health.

We are all accustomed to the fact that electricity is our friend and assistant, forgetting that in the manifestation of carelessness it becomes a dangerous foe.

A qualified specialist will make wiring installation and eliminate all possible problems. The company "MABELI" performs electrical work (prices are the lowest) of all possible types.



- if a leaky faucet or pipe;

- wiring;

- installation, dismantling and repair of lighting devices;

- installation of sockets, switches;

- installation and repair of calls, automatic machines, boxes, undergrowth, transformers and other devices.

Prices for electrical work in London are formed on the basis of the complexity of the work and skills of masters. The company "Mabeli" adheres to the same approach in evaluating their services. The high level of qualification of our employees serves as a guarantee that clients will be satisfied both with the prices of electric installation works, and quality of the service performed in the shortest possible time.


WIRING INSTALLATION SERVICES IN NEW BUILDINGS:Wiring installation in new buildings

1. A plan of wiring installation is prepared depending on the location of the devices and their capacity;

2. Shtroblenie walls, laying of wires is carried out, installation of switches and sockets is made, on these electroinstallation works quotations in London directly depend on complexity and volume of works;

3. The electrician who came on call will install all junction boxes, connect circuit elements into a single circuit and mount the switchboard;

4. Electrician services in London include checking the resulting scheme under load;

5. At the end of finishing work is necessary to call an electrician to install all household equipment and lighting.

Prices for electrical installation work consist of the amount of work done and the number of materials used. We offer the best prices for electrical work. If for some electrical work rate is missing, it can be discussed separately.



- prices for electrician services in our company one of the most reasonable in London;

- calls are accepted at any time;

- electrician services (prices are the most affordable) are provided at a convenient time for the client;

- the work is carried out as quickly and accurately as possible.

We take orders for a call of the electrician at any time, we render the maximum range of services in repair and installation of devices of all possible types. Our electrician services prices are quite affordable. For regular customers there is a flexible system of discounts.



We work officially. When buying furniture, our customers receive a complete package of documents.


Our Partners

Clients and partners choose us for the quality of the products that we produce. From the beginning Mabeli cooperates only with the best partners-suppliers and delivers top quality products to the customers.

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Our designers will work closely with you, listening, advising, planning and designing, to make your domestic dreams a reality with storage space that is not only personalised, but optimised to perfection..

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