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Windows and Doors


When zoning the office, the question of how to use each centimeter of the working space rationally arises. After all, the main task is to comfortably accommodate employees and create a pleasant working atmosphere, preserving the privacy of each unit or person.

Glass partitions in this case are the best solution. They not only divide the space, aesthetically and modern look, but also visually "dissolve" the interior, reduce the noise level, and increase the psychological comfort of people. All these factors increase the efficiency of the working process, as well as increase productivity, which has a positive impact on business development.


DOORSMetal & Glass work

The office door is rightfully considered an important element of the interior of the room with a functional and aesthetic point of view. It should have such characteristics as reliability and a high level of sound insulation, and also have an elegant design and harmoniously fit into the surrounding space.

Mabeli offers a wide range of office interior doors. The range includes single-ended, double-ended, swinging, sliding, models with different filling, as well as the ability to install access control systems.

Doors for the office can have standard or non-standard dimensions, depending on the requirements of the customer. It is not difficult to care for the doors - it is enough to wipe the glasses periodically with special detergents to make them shiny and crystal clear.



It is easy to carry out office zoning without building capital walls. The problem is solved by mobile, sliding and stationary partitions. They are modern designs of glass, plastic or wood based on aluminum or stainless steel profiles.

The combination of different materials allows to combine the deaf and transparent parts effectively and aesthetically. Stationary glass partitions differ in the type of glass: transparent (of varying degrees), matte, with a pattern made in modern technology.

The possibilities of selecting a variety of combinations open up for the designer a huge variety of interior design options in accordance with the corporate style of the office. Fixed partitions are applicable not only in offices. They effectively serve in shopping complexes, financial institutions, sports centers, logistics terminals, educational institutions, etc.

Feel yourself in safety is the basic component of psychological comfort (and hence, working capacity) of employees. This sensation depends on many factors, including confidence in protecting the office from fire. To improve it, it is recommended to combine the latest fire fighting and warning systems with the use of fireproof partitions. The functioning of these systems depends on the activation of the alarm system, the supply of voltage to the fire extinguishing module, from the water pressure. Whereas fireproof partitions protect against fire penetration under any circumstances.



Sliding partitions allow you to easily transform the space depending on the tasks: in just a few minutes one hall can be turned into several meeting rooms. Most owners or tenants of office space often think about the most efficient use of the internal office space.

Sliding partitions are an aesthetic and functional solution to the problem. Advantage of office sliding partitions in the possibility of only 4-5 minutes to transform the space. So, the conference hall, if necessary, turns into separate meeting rooms or, conversely, increases at the expense of the neighboring square.

Glass sliding partitions look spectacular, suitable for any interior or are custom-made in the company's corporate style. They are made of multi-layer and durable glass in an aluminum frame.

Due to the rigidity of the construction, the sliding aluminum partitions provide complete safety during the transformations. For the office owner to buy sliding partitions - sometimes it means to spare yourself the need to purchase or rent additional cabinets.

With the help of transformable structures it is easy to zonate space for meetings, receptions, banquets. No less effective is their use in exhibition complexes for the organization of expositions. Sliding partitions of glass are appropriate in educational institutions for the transformation of a large audience into several classrooms.

FACADE GLAZINGMetal & Glass work

In addition to a wide choice of interior solutions from Mabeli, we offer our customers the most advanced solutions and materials for facades. This nomenclature group includes translucent facades, ventilated facades, entrance groups.

Depending on the requirements of the project, we are ready to offer an optimal solution from leading manufacturers of façade systems and filling materials. Choosing by the principle of "price / quality" or "the best", you can be assured of a high level of performance and the best timing on the market.

For the calculation of the cost of your order, a prerequisite is the availability of a working project for the facade, in which all nodes and contiguities, thermal engineering, static characteristics and the formula of double-glazed windows are registered. The cost of the project depends very heavily on these variables.

The entrance group of any building is perhaps the main and most crucial node, as here all the planes of the building and all the traffic routes of people, air flows and the main heat losses are conjoined... In addition, strict requirements for safety, evacuation and anti-panic. Modern solutions allow to optimize the hall space due to different types of entrance doors, automation and access control.

We strive to create the most functional, technically perfect and at the same time aesthetic products. The reliability of our office partitions is provided by the latest production lines and certified systems. We also offer our customers a comprehensive service, including the creation of a design office project, repair, turnkey finishing, as well as delivery and installation of partitions, office furniture, reception desks, etc.




Bathroom is one of the most visited places in the house, after all come here at least twice a day: in the morning, to cheer up the working day and night to wash away tiredness and relax before bedtime.

Therefore, it is important that the bathroom was not only comfortable, but also functional. Bathroom interior should be as comfortable and reflect your attitude. 

Better in the interior design of the bathroom to make several light sources: bright (the case when you paint, combs, shaving, etc.) and muted (when you are relaxing after a hard day).

Our experts will help you create bathroom design according to your habits, claims and taste.



The bathroom is a very important space in the house. In it, we get a charge of morning cheerfulness and good mood, in it we prepare for bed after a busy day. That is why the design of the bathroom should be chosen harmoniously and respond to several purposes at once: to have a relaxing atmosphere, to be stylish, comfortable and able to cheer up.

Taking a bath or shower, everyone can observe how much steam and condensate is formed in the air. This means that absolutely all materials for finishing a small bathroom should be waterproof and resistant to temperature changes.

Consider, some, important points in creating a bathroom design. First and foremost, you need to decide what style your bathroom will be designed for, then you should think over the layout of the room, and the last, but the most important, is the choice of building materials and sanitary equipment for the bathroom. And further - the market opportunities and the flight of imagination provide unlimited freedom of choice in the design of the bathroom.



When setting up a bathroom, try to decide what you would like to get as a result. But most importantly, you need to remember that the design of the bathroom should give you pleasure, and the artistic style of decoration can be anything: from the restrained classic to the pretentious modern.

You can create a bathroom design that is consonant with the overall style of the rest of the rooms, or by allowing the imagination to create an absolutely opposite interior. What are the features you give your bathroom: pomposity or calm respectability, pretentiousness or asceticism, restraint of colors or their violence, depends only on the wealth of your design fantasy.

A wide variety of finishing materials - ceramic tiles, marble, wood, burnt clay, ceramic granite, mosaic and much more - and a huge selection of sanitary ware and accessories give wide design possibilities and allow to create really luxurious and comfortable bathrooms. The main requirements for the finishing materials used in the bathroom are hygienic, easy to clean, and waterproof and acid-alkali resistant.

Therefore, one of the traditional and familiar materials for finishing the bathroom is ceramic tiles, which has all of the above qualities. The market of building and finishing materials offers ceramic tiles and mosaics of various qualities, shades, textures and price category. Improperly selected finishing materials can spoil the impression even from the best sanitary equipment and stylish bathroom furniture.

The decor of walls, ceiling and floor sets the tone for the entire decoration of the bathroom. Therefore, when planning the design of the bathroom, you should carefully choose the color scheme, since it is designed to create mood and visual reduction or increase the space of the room. A combination of warm and cold tones is preferred. Correctly chosen decorative solution will create an atmosphere of exceptional comfort in your bathroom.



Modern collections of furniture for the bathroom provide a wide choice and give the opportunity to create a cozy and charming in both a small and a large bathroom. Models of furniture placed in the bathroom should be functionally saturated, have storage facilities for objects of various sizes, and be resistant to corrosive media and moisture.

Furniture for the bathroom is produced both in the classical version, and in the style of art deco, modern, from which you can always create something unrepeatable. The artistic decision of furniture for bathrooms assumes the presence of glass or mirror doors in lockers finished with metal, wood or colored plastic.

The selection of sanitary products is the most important and indispensable attribute of the bathroom. First of all, with the arrangement, it is necessary to make a choice between a bathroom and a shower. In this matter, you should take into account personal preferences, size and design of the room, the cost of the product. Also of great importance for design and comfort are toilets, sinks and mixers. In general, all the plumbing in the bathroom should be as compact and pleasant as possible in terms of aesthetic beauty and functionality.

Another aspect in the design of the bathroom is lighting. Unlike other premises of the apartment in the bathroom you need a bright light that would be able to see yourself well. Fixtures should be safe, protected from direct moisture and match the design of sanitary accessories, fit into the interior.

You can emphasize the color solution by highlighting individual elements: shelves, tile patterns, niches. One of the optimal solutions can be considered the possibility of combining several luminaires built in the suspended ceiling and the necessary number of lighting devices as a local illumination of individual zones - a mirror, a washbasin, a shower, a bathroom or a washing machine. Here everything depends on your financial capabilities and bathroom dimensions.

"Mabeli" is pleased to give you the opportunity to see the future interior of the bathroom in all its beauty in 3D format. The specialists of the company, based on your wishes and functional features of the premises, will create your virtual interior.


Windows and Doors


Quality Windows are the key to keeping the house heat and the creation of an enabling environment and atmosphere all year round.

When choosing plastic Windows one should remember that the Windows can perform as energy-saving and protective function and a decorative function of jewelry, depending on design features and its appearance.

We know the specifics of the facility and love what we do. We also provide services of qualified professionals, setting the doors of all types and classifications according to international quality standard.



We offer a complete sash windows service, ranging from minor repairs, draught proofing and improved security to complete replacement timber framed sash windows with double glazed glass. With an in-house journey team on-hand we can produce replacement frames and complete replacement sash windows to match the original design of your property.



We supply and install casement windows as well as sash windows. We can manufacture and install both flush and storm casements in tandem with your requirements in any mixture of operational styles and openings.



Internal Doors in the interior make the indoor space is closed and completed, providing additional sound and heat insulation. We have a range of interior doors are available in numerous styles, finishes and materials including various options for the number of panels to suit both traditional and contemporary tastes.



We provide services of qualified professionals, setting the doors of all types and classifications according to international quality standard. Buy interior doors in London is easy - you can help managers "MaBeLi".

Window and door system is an indispensable attribute of a modern home or office. A large number of satisfied customers and many years of experience allows us to say that after installing our systems, your home or office will be warm and quiet, and you will feel that you have made the right choice.




Any house is a symbol of the human world, because perfectly tell all about their owners. The history of the staircases in the interior of private houses goes back several thousand years. And in general, it is far from knowing who and when made the first staircase in the world, but each epoch introduced something new into their design.

And over time, the production of stairs has become even a lucrative popular occupation, which, in fact, is to this day. Only for today the choice of forms and designs is simply incredibly huge.



The staircase is a decorative element, but it is necessary to place it in the living room with extreme caution – it can break the division into common and private areas, although it is intended to serve as a natural boundary between them. Only in special cases can we be interested in the absence of such a separation, for example, if the stairs lead to the upper level of a two-light room belonging to the day part.

The staircase in the house can play two roles, namely, front and back. The ceremonial design is entrusted with a very important mission, as it can be said, "rules the ball" in the house, representing the key figure.

There are some of the most common materials that are used in the construction of stairs, each of which has its own characteristics and is more suitable for a particular style.


Perhaps the safest and most versatile material for making stairs is a tree. At the same time, the range of design possibilities is so wide that the design, in the end, can acquire an amazing look.

Timber stairs are good in modern and classic design, they can be light and delicate, or, conversely, massive. But in any case, it is recommended to make single-mantle structures, successful for connecting the room and mezzanine, with fastenings on the floor and the floor.


There are two ways of finishing a concrete staircase - and this is either a stone or a tree. If you use a stone masonry tread, you can turn the staircase into a pretty presentable one, but it is unlikely to be less "official".

Therefore, the most successful example will be, perhaps, a permanent tree, and an important condition for its use will be the thickness of the boards. In modern interiors, the difference between the deep riser and the extended roller can be almost invisible, but if the staircase is built for the classic style of the room, the stage is trimmed accordingly.


Often in the interiors of the houses there are staircases, the material of which is steel - reliable, with great possibilities for creating various designs. The use of steel as a staircase body will allow the introduction of other finishing materials, for example, glass for steps, or perforations and metal mesh.

It is worth noting, nevertheless, that the most interesting and organic combination is a steel structure with wooden steps. Such an unusual kind of staircase, however, will suit the trendy modern interior, high-tech style and minimalism.


Glass staircases, which were recently considered exotic, are gaining popularity every day. Since glass has always had a reputation for fragile material at all times, a glass staircase has always been considered a museum exhibit, which can be viewed, but not walkable.

Modern technologies radically turned the notion of glass. In addition, they offered today's consumer strong and reliable staircases made of this material, which at the moment are already an ornament and at the same time a reliable link that connects floors in many houses.



- Massive construction, the area of which will lead the first steps of the staircase to the entrance door;

- The construction of glass or too steep stairs without railings, if the house is home to young children or elderly people;

- A wide staircase, divided into two spans on both sides of the hallway, in a house designed for one family. It is quite possible to do with a screw or 2-march construction, which will save your money and money.

March flights are a continuous series of steps from the lower platform to the upper one. In more spacious houses, you can build a construction with two or three marches, but one-march stairs are built where the area does not allow to allocate intermediate sites. Screw staircases in appearance can be compared with a fragment of human DNA. Such a design is a continuous spiral shape, the variations of which can be very large.



The staircase, first of all, is a communication element uniting floors, and it should be erected in the hall, hallway or corridor. Located in another room, these lifting structures have a significant impact on overall layout and design. They are able to occupy a significant area and visually burden the room, or, when executed in bright colors from light and strong materials, on the contrary, raise the ceiling a little.

If the hallway area does not have a large area, you should erect a flight of stairs at the wall opposite the entrance door. It is important to consider the design for the railing and adjoining surfaces: color, texture, the size of the wall panels, and so on. These elements are required to work in one key, thereby harmoniously fitting the staircase structure into a nearby environment.


Sofas & Armchairs


Sofas and armchairs are one of the main and expensive interior items in every house. This is a multifunctional furniture, which every day has a serious load.

After all, you should evaluate not only its appearance and dimensions, which should harmoniously complement the interior and match the parameters of the room, but also the functional characteristics and reliability of the structure.

A good sofa is composed of parts: the impeccable aesthetics of the fabrics, springs and materials providing unique comfort, a clear line of stitching, comfortable and modern mechanisms.


A GOOD SOFA IS...Sofas & Armchairs

Durability: to ensure that the sofa lasts as long as possible, you should choose a model with a reliable and well-dried wood frame, as well as a high level of build quality. Only then it will please you for many years, retain its original appearance throughout the life of the service, do not deform and will not begin to creak with time.

Convenience: choose a good sofa that will be used as a bed or as a place to relax in front of the TV and communicate with guests - fundamentally different tasks. But in any case, the model should be comfortable. If the sofa is too hard or soft for you, you run the risk of encountering many problems: back pain, discomfort in the muscles, insomnia, etc.

Functionality: choosing a sofa, pay attention to such additional options as removable armrests, built-in bars, sofa cushions in the kit. The additional functionality, of course, is reflected in the price, but makes upholstered furniture more convenient in daily use.

When deciding which sofa to choose for a living room, a bedroom, a nursery, a kitchen, an office and any other premises, you first need to evaluate the following characteristics:

FRAMESofas & Armchairs

The frame is the basis of the sofa, and the material from which it is made will help to understand how long this quality furniture will last for you. Let's figure out what is the best basis, what is the difference and what are the features of care and exploitation in this or that species.

Depending on what material it is made of, depends on the service life. The metal frame is reliable in operation and very durable. Equally reliable is furniture with a frame made of natural wood (oak, beech, mahogany, etc.). But such designs are not cheap. Frameworks from particleboard are much more accessible - they keep the form well and are completely safe. But, in order for the sofa to last longer, it is necessary to choose a model with a skeleton only from that chipboard, which is covered with a protective layer and has a bolted connection of parts.


Sofas with a metal frame are rapidly gaining popularity. They differ interesting appearance, among the model range, you can choose a product for any interior solution. And most importantly, in the event of a breakdown, such a sofa can easily be repaired and this service will cost you quite cheaply. For internal elements, steel plates are used, and for legs and bearing parts - tubes. For visible parts, aluminum or even an alloy based on titanium can be used. But the second option will be very expensive. Therefore, manufacturers prefer to do with steel.

Advantages: 1. Affordable price; 2. Good performance; 3. It is easy to rearrange from place to place; 4. Can be repaired in the event of a breakdown.

Disadvantages: Restrained succinct design. In more elegant models, metal is used as an additional material.

If the frame is dull, then it was covered with a special powder paint. It is used for painting metal beds and other furniture from the presented material. The coating has no odor and is an environmentally friendly product. It is applied in several layers, as a result, the frame gets additional protection from scratches and other damages.


Sofas made of natural wood are very popular. And this is not surprising, because wooden furniture is valued just for its impeccable quality, durability and reliability. This frame can withstand large daily loads and it is not deformed.

Advantages: 1. Long service life; 2. High quality; 3. Reliability; 4. Naturalness.

Disadvantages: High price (but you can choose a budget option from softwood).

When choosing a sofa with a wooden frame, ask what kind of wood it is made of: soft or hard. This will depend not only on the price, but also the performance of the furniture as a whole. For example, beech refers to hard rocks, it is often compared with oak. Of course, such upholstered furniture will cost more, but will last longer. Pine – soft, it should be treated more carefully, but the sofa will be cheaper.


If you want to save money and still want it to be comfortable and beautiful, then pay attention to the chipboard. Such products are environmentally friendly, reliable, easy and affordable. And just the latter quality can become a decisive argument in favor of the frame from chipboard.

Advantages: 1.Affordable price; 2. Ease; 3. Strength; 4.Well keeps the accessories (screws, nails, etc.).

Disadvantages: 1. It is not desirable to operate at high humidity; 2. Avoid direct water ingress; 3. It is impossible to make curved parts.

Note that often the chipboard is used in combination with natural wood. In this case, the chipboard is used to make boxes, rear walls and other parts. And the load-bearing parts of the structure are made of an array.


It is believed that the fewer details in furniture - the more difficult it is to break it. Similarly, with sofas. If there is no skeleton in it - to break down and break down in it nothing will happen. Note that such sofas will be just a godsend for children's rooms. There are no sharp projecting corners, hard parts, metal, plastic or wooden parts. These sofas are easy and interesting to lay out, and fold. They are mobile, you can carry and transport them without any problems.

Advantages: 1. Security; 2. Ecological compatibility; 3. Ergonomics; 4. Mobility; 5. Ideal for children; 6. Original appearance; 7. Durability.

Disadvantages: Solid classic sofas you among such furniture you will not find, these are its only drawback.

As a basis, high density polyurethane foam is used. It is an environmentally friendly elastic material that does not retain moisture and dust inside. Due to its porous cellular structure, it is quickly restored after the load and keeps the shape well. Polyurethane foam will ensure the correct position of the body during sleep and rest.


MECHANISMSofas & Armchairs

Are you planning to lay out a sofa from time to time? Or will you sleep on it every night? Choosing a sofa for a house, it is necessary to give maximum attention to how it unfolds. Modern manufacturers produce models equipped with several types of sliding mechanism: "Book", "Dolphin". "Euro Book", "Accordion", a sofa with folding sidewalls or with a roll-out bed.

These are indispensable options in the limited space of a small apartment. All of them are reliable and can withstand multiple cycles of addition-decomposition.



It is both simple to use and reliable, which allows Sedaflex to be considered an ideal transformation option for permanent use. Sedaflex sleeping place is perfectly smooth, without bends and creases, and the folding mechanism is created from high-quality metal and therefore serves for a long time.

"Sedaflex" - two-folding mechanism of transformation. Accordingly, first you pull out one section from the sofa, taking on special loops, and then "unfolding" it until the folding metal legs are on the floor. Load up to 200 kg.

Furniture with such a mechanism has a thicker mattress, so the sleeping space is smooth and elastic. For a more comfortable rest, the Sedaflex mechanism is equipped with an adjustable head restraint.



The mechanism "Millennium" has a very nice feature: sofa cushions do not need to be removed and folded in the corner of the room - when unfolding the sofa, they are below, under the bed. To expand this mechanism, you need to pull on the back of the sofa and lower it. Very easily decomposed into a full bed!

"Millennium" - the most reliable and quite expensive mechanism of transformation, while it is extremely convenient for layout and provides a comfortable sleep. The mechanism is very easy to unfold and folds due to powerful springs - all this ensures trouble-free operation of the mechanism in conditions of daily intensive use.



The mechanism "Meralat" is not meant for daily use - it's a "guest option". Usually it is completed with a mattress made of polyurethane foam. To start laying out the sofa, you first need to remove the seat cushion, and then consistently deploy one and the second section.

Upholstered furniture with such a transformation mechanism, as a rule, is used as a very convenient and practical "guest option".



The mechanism of transformation "Dolphin" is used mainly in corner sofas. In work, the "Dolphin" mechanism is extremely simple and does not require any special physical effort, it can easily be decomposed even by a child.

For the transformation, it is necessary to pull up the secret strap with a characteristic upward movement and pull yourself so that the hidden part of the bed is raised, fixed and fixed in one plane with the main seat, forming an even and spacious place for rest and sleep.

Advantages: 1. Suitable for everyday use; 2. Smooth, spacious sleeper, which is located high enough from the floor; 3. Ease of transformation; 4. Low cost.


Euro Book

In fact, the mechanism of transformation "Euro Book" does not have a mechanism as such, which implies the most important plus - there is nothing to break!

This is the most reliable and simple mechanism for transformation. For the layout, it is necessary to push the seat forward, then lower the back of the sofa. Designed for daily use.

Advantages: 1. A huge niche for clothes; 2. Ability to place close to the wall; 3. Wide range of sizes, both in length and width.



The principle of unfolding is as simple as possible: we raise the seat until it clicks, we lower it and the sofa is spread out. In modern models, an advanced analog of the "book" mechanism is often used.

However, the "click-clack" design provides an additional intermediate position of the "relax" backrest (or even two of its variants).

Advantages: 1. Has three positions ("sitting", "half sitting", "lying"); 2. Compact; 3. There is a box for laundry; 4. Almost perfectly flat surface of the bed.



Due to the fact that the sofas with the Accordion mechanism have a high, wide and even sleeping place, they are perfect for a night rest. The mechanism is laid out easily by the principle of accordion.

To decompose the sofa, it is necessary to slightly raise the seat until it snaps into place, push it until the sleeping place is fully decomposed (or it itself leaves forward).

Advantages: 1. Reliability; 2. In the assembled form it occupies the minimum area; 3. Considerable size of bed; 4. Linen boxes are possible.



This is the most robust mechanism, designed for frequent transformation. Pulling on the secret seat strap, push the sofa to full decomposition (during the transformation, the front part pulls the rest).

Advantages: 1.The greatest reliability among all the mechanisms of transformation; 2. Compactness in the folded form; 3. A large sleeper - in the unfolded form.



The most expensive is considered soft leather furniture. It has its advantages: high resistance to abrasion, mechanical, chemical and UV-exposure, protection against moisture. No less practical, but much cheaper than a model with a leather substitute. But the most popular are such fabrics as chenille, jacquard and tapestry.

They are chosen as an upholstery for a sofa for every day, since such materials reliably protect the furniture and are almost inferior in terms of their strength and aesthetic characteristics to the skin. The main thing is that the same material should be applied both on the front part of the product and on the back, and all the seams should be smooth and accurate.

Manufacturers of sleeping and other types of sofas as a filler often choose such artificial materials as foam rubber and foam. Quite often spring blocks are used. The main criterion for choosing a filler is the purpose of the sofa. If you buy it primarily for sleep, it's better to stay on models with spring blocks. Such designs are not only convenient, but very durable and have high orthopedic properties.


Sofas with foam fillers are hypoallergenic, they are soft and comfortable. But with daily use quickly wear out. Those who want the sofa not to press through with time and at the same time remain soft, it is necessary to choose products with "stuffing" from a material such as latex foam. Thanks to a multitude of microcells, it "breathes", has an orthopedic effect and lasts for decades.



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