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Interior Design Service


The interior design is a multi-stage process, the final result of which is an ergonomic and functional interior, made according to the wishes of the client.

Before proceeding to the design, our experts study in detail the technical parameters, the location of the apartment, the level of its natural light, even the view from the window. Successful design is impossible without prior familiarization with the habits, lifestyle of the owners, family composition.

3-d visualization of the project, as well as provided samples of materials, will allow you to pre-familiarize with the final result, consider the interior from different angles and make your corrections.



Modern man spends most of his life indoors. In such circumstances, it is unwise, and sometimes even dangerous, not to pay due attention to what surrounds us. For example, illiterate interior design can cause irritation, and a person does not even understand why he immediately spoils the mood as soon as he enters this room. At the same time, a properly conceived and implemented interior design project is able to change the life of its owner for the better.

In many films, the characters, starting life anew, seek to change the surrounding space and begin with a change in interior design.

Interior design is the creation of an apartment or room on the basis of aesthetic knowledge and personal preferences of who will be constantly in it. The main task of the designer is not just to equip the room with expensive and stylish furniture, but to find a way out of a desperate situation. For example, to make a small room spacious, add the effect of airiness, or from a large room to create a cozy room.

It is finding the optimal solution in sometimes contradictory forms that is the merit of the designer. At the same time, the designer should offer several options for interior design, from the cheapest to the elite.



Creating an original design is not easy. Since the birth of the idea to the implementation of interior design designer goes a long and difficult way, in which you can select several stages.

First, ideas and thoughts appear, which are then transformed into sketches. On the basis of sketches, a design project is created, on the basis of which working drawings are already drawn up, which are guided by the construction company when performing works.

Space is the interaction of surrounding objects. Space necessarily determines the character and lifestyle of the person living in it, so the task of the designer is to catch the personal qualities of the client and create a unique and inimitable space.

Composition is the interaction of interior objects. Properly selected composition allows you to turn all the items into a single unit. In design, there are laws that violate the not. So, in any interior the semantic center should stand out. In the apartment it can be a living room, and in the living room — a table or a fireplace.

Proportions are a combination of the sizes of these or those interior objects in relation to each other. Developing the design, it is important to combine the proportions with the style of the interior. For example, the Gothic style is the high ceilings and large door openings, which in this case is in a different style will look out of place.

Color is the main instrument of the interior. Often the combination of colors allows you to completely modify the interior. Choosing a color, it is necessary to use the principles of similarity and contrast, as well as accent and nuance.

For each person his house is a fortress, where he can hide from prying eyes, the hustle and bustle, to be alone with himself. And it does not matter whether it is a Studio apartment or a luxurious mansion. The main task of the specialist-to create such interior in which it would be cozy and the owner of a country cottage, and a resident of a small apartment.


Landscape Design


Each of us wants his land to stand out from the rest. Nowadays, the landscaping of the territory adjacent to the house has become an art combining elements of construction, architectural and horticultural works. It's called landscape design.

Landscape design for modern man plays an important role, as its results directly affect the emotional state, health. In recent years, landscape design has become more popular, because more and more people want to see around a landscaped space and scenic views.

Positive feelings help a person to cope with difficult situations, and natural harmony helps to find peace of mind and balance.



Unlike gardening or floriculture, this area is not focused on agricultural activities, but on a much broader sphere of tasks. Landscape design-a discipline that encompasses the implementation of ideas on garden plantations, construction (change) of architectural (small) forms, as well as the arrangement of slides, lawns and flower beds. Landscape design allows you to make your garden or garden plot is unique, beautiful, cozy.

That is, conflicts arising between urban development and pristine nature should be resolved, and their edges – erased. Aesthetics, beauty and ease of use of modern infrastructure without harm to green spaces – this is the main priority of landscape design.

For the first time, the importance of resolving the conflict between industrialization and the environment began to be discussed at the beginning of the twentieth century, when cities began to grow rapidly, substituting for themselves the primordial nature that hitherto surrounded urban centres. It should be noted that the improvement of plots has been practiced for centuries, but before the main bias was made to increase the fertility of land and agricultural activities.



Today, no one doubts that landscape design is a real art. It embodies aspects of three areas, one can say, rests on such components as design and architecture, plant science and botany, the history of culture and philosophy. When designing projects, specialists do not lose sight of any of these aspects.

1. Design and architecture

The most important point and the first stage is, of course, the design and layout of the territory. It is necessary to think over and draw up on paper a plan of placement of all objects.

And the arrangement consists not in simple placement of objects, and in their stylistic Association taking into account all features. In other words, it is necessary to make a complete self-sufficient composition, in which everything will be in place.

In addition, the preliminary design allows to determine structure and order of carrying out of engineering works such as installation of irrigation systems, drainage device, wiring lighting, etc.

2. Plant science and botany

In the process of design development, the terrain, its climatic features, soil characteristics are also taken into account. And it already gives the chance to pick up those combinations of green plantings which will develop well in the conditions of a concrete site, and at the same time will harmoniously fit into space that too is important.

3. History of culture

The third point has a great influence in the creation of thematic gardens and compositions. For example: Japanese gardens, Chinese gardens, etc. Here you need to know about the culture, the style of which the composition is created, its philosophical trends and directions.



Today, the diversity of elements allows you to create a truly Paradise landscapes. In each case, it may be their own thematic elements, but the main groups that make up the "base" for the design, the following:

• Buildings - they form the center of the design project;

• Grass seed - coating are formed from different kinds of herbs;

• Green spaces - trees, shrubs, flowers, as well as entire ensembles in the form of flower beds, rabatok, rockeries, rockeries, etc;

• Various water elements - stream, pond, fountain, pool, mini waterfall;

• Driveways and playgrounds;

• Small architectural forms - gazebos, benches, arches, pergolas;

• Small decorative elements - musical pendants, lamps, figures of animals and fairy-tale characters, various sculptures;

• Various technical components such as lighting, irrigation systems and the like.

Of course, the above principles of landscape design – this is not dogma. Quality design is always unique, so do not dwell on other people's advice and recommendations. Suggest to give vent to their imagination.

Architectural Design


Features of a modern house and certain of its premises in most cases determines the architecture, which was laid at the stage of designing the building. With the right approach to this issue, you can create not only a beautiful house or cottage, but also durable, with an abundance of useful characteristics.

If the main model of the building and its architecture are ready, you can proceed to the interior design of individual rooms. This will help to create a pleasant atmosphere in the house, where in the future you will spend a lot of time.

We know the specifics of the facility and love what we do.



- fully developed master plan of the building by professional architects, taking into account all the basic engineering requirements, as well as the rules of ergonomics;

- selection and use of only environmentally friendly materials for construction and improvement of a modern house;

- not only the preparation of paper maps of the premises, but also 3D modeling with the help of special software;

- development of stylish interior and exterior design, taking into account all possible communications to be brought to the house (water, electricity, sewerage, gas, etc);

- the use of modern minimalist furniture accessories while maintaining all the necessary functionality;

- calculation of technical and economic indicators that arise in any project work of such a plan;

- ability to work with a ready-made building with its subsequent improvement and preparation of working documentation.

Features of a modern house and certain of its premises in most cases determines the architecture, which was laid at the stage of designing the building. With the right approach to this issue, you can create not only a beautiful house or cottage, but also durable, with an abundance of useful characteristics.


Home Consultation Visit


The style of interior materials is a painstaking task that requires knowledge and professionalism. Instead of months of work on the project you pay only a few hours of professional designer. He will assess your housing, give General recommendations on colors, finishing materials, talk to you about the rules of placement of furniture in your premises.

If you do not want to puzzle over how to equip your home in accordance with fashion trends, use the services of professional. Specialist of the company "Mabeli" will give answers to your questions and help you make the right choice!



If you have become the owner of an apartment in a new building or plan to make repairs to housing in the old Fund, qualified recommendations are extremely necessary for you. This is due to the fact that the formation of the interior is carried out in accordance with certain rules.

Our specialist has extensive experience and knows the subtleties of his profession. It creates unique interiors, which reflect the tastes and preferences of owners of apartments and houses! If you need the help of a designer, give preference to the company "Mabeli".

After a professional consultation, You'll have no unresolved issues. Our specialist provides high-quality services related to the arrangement of rooms in the style of classic, Provence, avant-garde, minimalism and country.

Also, the designer selects finishing materials with high performance and aesthetic parameters. If all moments are thought correctly, the interior is beautiful, functional and cozy.



- a visual increase in space;

- selection of lighting fixtures;

- division of premises into functional parts: recreation, sleep, games, work and reception area;

- redevelopment of the apartment in accordance with current trends;

- selection of decorative elements that lend to the interior's original features;

- correct placement of furniture;

- choose an interior style that reflects your taste preferences.


The designer will take into account the requirements and provide competent adviceHome Consultation Visit

Turning to us, you will be able to transform the apartment, making it more comfortable and modern. Our specialist consults directly at the site. He examines the premises, draws conclusions and expresses ideas, through which the house will acquire a different kind. You need to state your wishes and outline the big picture.

The designer will take into account the requirements and provide competent advice It is also possible to consult online. This is a convenient way to use the owners of apartments, private houses, country cottages and offices. Without getting up from the chair, you can get good advice on interior design.


3D Interior Visualization


Interior visualization is as close as possible to the reality of the image of the interior view of the room. Visualization of the interior in 3D format allows you to evaluate the full view of the future room, taking into account the installed furniture and other interior items.

Visualization creates the effect of presence, gives the opportunity to rotate 360 degrees to see every detail. It allows you to take a virtual walk through the interior of the business center, a country house or an apartment, to understand how everything will look in the end, to assess how harmonious the space will be with the decoration in the chosen style, furniture, decorative elements.


WHAT IS IT AND WHY IS IT NEEDED?3D Interior Visualization

Many customers, referring to the services of designers, do not always give them the authority to resolve all issues relating to style and decoration of the premises. They seek to control all processes. Most recently, simple drawings and schemes were being used, which were replaced in the modern world by various information systems, thanks to which the design of the apartment can be seen at the design stage.

Thanks to visualization, customers and customers come to mutual understanding - not everyone is able to understand clearly their wishes and requirements, to reconstruct the picture of the project in words. The suggested visual options will help the customer make the best choice.

Means of visualization of the room will allow you to see the room with different types of lighting - in daylight, night, evening, muted lighting, etc. The design of the project will determine the number of fixtures required for the room. Thanks to 3D visualization, the customer will quickly determine the version of the project, getting the final result much faster.

3D design ensures compliance with the proportions and sizes of each selected environment. The customer will be able to see the interior in both artificial and natural lighting. This greatly simplifies the choice of the model. To compose a similar layout requires less time. Creating a 3D project does not require as much human resources as a classic two-dimensional drawing.

The initial stage of the work is the preparation of a technical task that requires the determination of the size, style and texture of each object. In addition, the preparation of documentation for the layout of the premises is necessary, the finishing materials required for work are selected, a scheme for conducting the electrical network is drawn up, a plan for arranging the furniture is approved. If desired, the customer makes his / her changes at any stage of the project design. In cases where housing is at the development stage, the visualization project is prepared in accordance with the instructions and recommendations of the customer.

Modern technologies provide a huge number of options that allow you to create mock-ups of any complexity. Talent, patience and a little time - all that is required to solve the tasks in the interior design.



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