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When zoning the office, the question of how to use each centimeter of the working space rationally arises. After all, the main task is to comfortably accommodate employees and create a pleasant working atmosphere, preserving the privacy of each unit or person.

Glass partitions in this case are the best solution. They not only divide the space, aesthetically and modern look, but also visually "dissolve" the interior, reduce the noise level, and increase the psychological comfort of people. All these factors increase the efficiency of the working process, as well as increase productivity, which has a positive impact on business development.


DOORSMetal & Glass work

The office door is rightfully considered an important element of the interior of the room with a functional and aesthetic point of view. It should have such characteristics as reliability and a high level of sound insulation, and also have an elegant design and harmoniously fit into the surrounding space.

Mabeli offers a wide range of office interior doors. The range includes single-ended, double-ended, swinging, sliding, models with different filling, as well as the ability to install access control systems.

Doors for the office can have standard or non-standard dimensions, depending on the requirements of the customer. It is not difficult to care for the doors - it is enough to wipe the glasses periodically with special detergents to make them shiny and crystal clear.



It is easy to carry out office zoning without building capital walls. The problem is solved by mobile, sliding and stationary partitions. They are modern designs of glass, plastic or wood based on aluminum or stainless steel profiles.

The combination of different materials allows to combine the deaf and transparent parts effectively and aesthetically. Stationary glass partitions differ in the type of glass: transparent (of varying degrees), matte, with a pattern made in modern technology.

The possibilities of selecting a variety of combinations open up for the designer a huge variety of interior design options in accordance with the corporate style of the office. Fixed partitions are applicable not only in offices. They effectively serve in shopping complexes, financial institutions, sports centers, logistics terminals, educational institutions, etc.

Feel yourself in safety is the basic component of psychological comfort (and hence, working capacity) of employees. This sensation depends on many factors, including confidence in protecting the office from fire. To improve it, it is recommended to combine the latest fire fighting and warning systems with the use of fireproof partitions. The functioning of these systems depends on the activation of the alarm system, the supply of voltage to the fire extinguishing module, from the water pressure. Whereas fireproof partitions protect against fire penetration under any circumstances.



Sliding partitions allow you to easily transform the space depending on the tasks: in just a few minutes one hall can be turned into several meeting rooms. Most owners or tenants of office space often think about the most efficient use of the internal office space.

Sliding partitions are an aesthetic and functional solution to the problem. Advantage of office sliding partitions in the possibility of only 4-5 minutes to transform the space. So, the conference hall, if necessary, turns into separate meeting rooms or, conversely, increases at the expense of the neighboring square.

Glass sliding partitions look spectacular, suitable for any interior or are custom-made in the company's corporate style. They are made of multi-layer and durable glass in an aluminum frame.

Due to the rigidity of the construction, the sliding aluminum partitions provide complete safety during the transformations. For the office owner to buy sliding partitions - sometimes it means to spare yourself the need to purchase or rent additional cabinets.

With the help of transformable structures it is easy to zonate space for meetings, receptions, banquets. No less effective is their use in exhibition complexes for the organization of expositions. Sliding partitions of glass are appropriate in educational institutions for the transformation of a large audience into several classrooms.

FACADE GLAZINGMetal & Glass work

In addition to a wide choice of interior solutions from Mabeli, we offer our customers the most advanced solutions and materials for facades. This nomenclature group includes translucent facades, ventilated facades, entrance groups.

Depending on the requirements of the project, we are ready to offer an optimal solution from leading manufacturers of façade systems and filling materials. Choosing by the principle of "price / quality" or "the best", you can be assured of a high level of performance and the best timing on the market.

For the calculation of the cost of your order, a prerequisite is the availability of a working project for the facade, in which all nodes and contiguities, thermal engineering, static characteristics and the formula of double-glazed windows are registered. The cost of the project depends very heavily on these variables.

The entrance group of any building is perhaps the main and most crucial node, as here all the planes of the building and all the traffic routes of people, air flows and the main heat losses are conjoined... In addition, strict requirements for safety, evacuation and anti-panic. Modern solutions allow to optimize the hall space due to different types of entrance doors, automation and access control.

We strive to create the most functional, technically perfect and at the same time aesthetic products. The reliability of our office partitions is provided by the latest production lines and certified systems. We also offer our customers a comprehensive service, including the creation of a design office project, repair, turnkey finishing, as well as delivery and installation of partitions, office furniture, reception desks, etc.



We offer a full range of services - from design and measurements to installation. We react to any order with maximum efficiency.


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