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To ensure maximum comfort during work, study and game tables allow. If the desk must create adequate support for the hands, then the model for the computer monitor must provide the location of a suitable level.

You can buy as a model of natural wood species and choose a table from MDF or particle board. An interesting solution is a glass table, which will emphasize the individuality and style of your home.

Glass tables are beautiful, hygienic and original, and will certainly suit the tastes young and energetic people. A glass table is ideal for a small kitchen or living room, and because of its "lightness" saves space.

Tables made of solid wood Hevea, will be a real decoration of your house, and will last for many years, delighting you with their elegance and functionality. Distinctive features of the table of particle board are their simplicity, practicality and low cost.

"MaBeLi" offer a wide range of tables from which to choose your the optimal configuration model.


"MABELI" has an extensive range of innovative storage solutions that can be tailored to suit your specific personal needs, designed to maximise all of the space available.

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Clients and partners choose us for the quality of the products that we produce. From the beginning Mabeli cooperates only with the best partners-suppliers and delivers top quality products to the customers.

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Our designers will work closely with you, listening, advising, planning and designing, to make your domestic dreams a reality with storage space that is not only personalised, but optimised to perfection..

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